Opals and Teeth

Photo Courtesy of The Australian Opal Centre

Since my day is full of dental appointments for myself and my husband let’s talk teeth, specifically Harold Hodges and his false teeth.

Harold Hodges came to Lightning Ridge in the 1950’s and opened the first motel (the Tram-O-Tel). He’s remembers as a tough man and a tougher opal buyer. Harold would have been just another part of a larger colorful history made up of many men in the Ridge, however Hodges was elevated to legendary status because of one striking feature…his spectacular opal denture.

They were made by a dental surgeon and inset with an assortment of opals. 
His fame grew when he decided to cement the denture to his favorite pub’s wall. It would seem that after years of hearing “Smile Hodgie” he had had enough.

The denture was taken back by his wife a few years later and it was left to one of his friends when he died. The teeth were then donated to the Australian Opal Centre where they are on display today.

Remember to take care of those teeth unless you’re hoping to have a colorful smile yourself!