Jane and Cassandra Austen's Topaz Crosses

Jane’s is the Greek-style cross on the left.
©Jane Austen’s House Museum. 

Their topaz crosses on gold chains were presents from their sailor brother Second Lieutenant Charles Austen, who had recently earned prize money in the capture of a French ship. In her letter to Cassandra written May 1801 Jane refers to the crosses. Jane wrote, “He has received 30£ for his share of the privateer & expects 10£ more—but of what avail is it to take prizes if he lays out the produce in presents to his Sisters. He has been buying Gold chains & Topaze Crosses for us;—he must be well scolded. … —He will receive my yesterday’s letter to day, and I shall write again by this post to thank & reproach him.—We shall be unbearably fine.” 
The cross is said to have inspired the amber cross Fanny Price receives from her brother in “Mansfield Park.”