The “Ultimate Emerald-cut Eiamond" Fetches More than $22 million

Ultimate Emerald Cut

An anonymous buyer who called in their bid became the owner of one impressive diamonds, a 100.2-carat, internally flawless, D color Type IIa diamond. The diamond sold for $22.1 million at Sotheby’s New York jewelry sale on April 21, falling slightly short of its highest pre-sale estimate, $25 million.
The hundred-carat stunner led Tuesday’s Magnificent Jewels sale and was one-third of the auction’s $65.1 million total, a new record for Sotheby’s in New York.
According to Sotheby’s, the stone is the largest “perfect” diamond with a classic emerald cut ever sold at auction and the first 100-carat-plus perfect diamond sold at an auction held in New York. The $22 million paid for it is a record for a colorless diamond auctioned in New York.


Kathleen Marino M.A, G.G., AJP, NAJA

Sotheby's Breaks Record with 9.75 carat Blue Diamond

                         © Sothebys

                       © Sothebys

On Nov. 20 a 9.75 ct fancy vivid blue pear-shaped diamond hit the auction block at Sotheby's New York. A frenzied 20 minute bidding war between seven people ensued ending with the stone fetching $3.3 million a carat ($32.6 million total), setting a new record for any diamond's per-carat price sold at auction. 
The price tops the 14.82 carat vivid orange sold by Christie's in Geneva which sold at $2.3 million a carat ($35.5 million total). The diamond has also set a record as the most expensive diamond ever, a spot previously held by the Wittlesbach-Gaff  sold in 2008.
The blue has been dubbed "The Zoe" by its current owner, A Hong Kong collector who remains anonymous.