The Palme d'Or is set to Shine at Cannes

The Palme d'Or is awarded each year to the best film at the Cannes International Film Festival. Since 1998, the award has been handcrafted by Chopard in their Geneva workshops. 
In 1997 Pierre Viot, President of the Festival at the time, asked Caroline Scheufele, the Co-President and Artistic Director, of Chopard if she would like to give the reward a kind of “makeover” and redesign the Palme d’Or. Chopard became an Official Partner of the Festival.
Scheufele decided to make the Palme d’Or “lighter while giving it greater volume and depth. She emphasized the veins in the stalk and the regulation 19 leaves, appearing to have been caught in mid-motion. She also designed the stalk so that it ended in the shape of a heart, one of Chopard’s jewellery emblems. Last but not least, the golden palm rests on a crystal cushion shaped like an emerald-cut diamond. This precious detail makes each Palme d’Or unique, for Mother Nature never creates two identical crystals…”
Chopard has been part of the “green carpet” movement aimed at promoting sustainable development in the luxury sector as a result the Palme d'Or has been crafted in certified “Fairmined” gold since 2014.